Feed the Hungery

Orangewood supports community partners with the funding, food drives, in-kind donations, and hands-on projects at local food banks.

Our Food Partners 

Desert Mission, Nourish Phoenix Food and Clothing Bank, Agua Fria Food and Clothing Bank, St. Vincent de Paul and the Chris Becker Dining Room, Grace Lutheran Pancake Breakfast, Family Promise, Summer Water, Heifer Project 

Building Houses 

Orangewood participates in both local and international projects to build houses side-by-side with the families who live in them.  

Our Building Partners

Amor Ministries and Habitat for Humanity 

Addressing Domestic Violence 

Orangewood provides financial support to community organizations and continuing education for 
members' understanding of this difficult issue.

Our Partners That Address Abuse 

Streetlight USA, Sojourners, and Chrysalis 

We Welcome Refugees and Immigrants 

Alongside the African Fellowship that meets on our campus, Orangewood supports community organizations that provide support for refugees and immigrants and have periodic projects for specific needs. 

Our Partners that help with Refugees and Immigrants 

International Rescue, Welcome to America, Greeting Cards for detainees in Eloy, Borderlinks, Florence Project 

More Community Needs

Orangewood supports International Ministries, Prison Ministries (Angel Tree), and organizations and individuals dedicated to evangelism both in the U.S. and other countries. Orangewood supports the four major giving campaigns of the PC/ USA, which include funding for refugees and immigrants and have periodic projects for specific needs.