Presbyterians observe two Sacraments;  "Baptism", a sign of promise, and "Communion" also know as "The Lord's Supper", a feast of grace.  In Baptism, the Holy Spirit binds the Church in covenant to its Creator and Lord. The water of Baptism symbolizes the waters of creation, of the flood, and of the Exodus from Egypt.

Communion is the sign and seal of eating and drinking in communion with the crucified and risen Lord.  During his earthly ministry Jesus shared meals with his followers as a sign of community and acceptance and as an occasion for his own ministry.

At Orangewood Baptisms are observed for both adults and infants when opportunities occur.  Communion is observed on the first Sunday of each month or on special occasions as approved by the controlling Session.  Communion is observed with the home bound by the Pastor.

Communion Served with Breads of the World